IInd Studio is a Swedish rug manufacturer established in 2000. All IInd Studio rugs are custom and made by hand, using centuries’ old weaving techniques that make each rug one of a kind. We have earned a reputation for being bespoke rug specialists. Our signature designs can be made according to individual wishes; color, size, knot count, shape and materials. Each individual order is carefully studied to create a unique rug that combines a client’s specifications and the distinctive aesthetic of IInd Studio.


The art of handmade rugs can be traced to antiquity. Methods employed today have been pased down through generations of artisans. At IInd Studio, we consistently and faithfully adhere to the traditions passed on to us, whilst encompassing aspects of new technology and design trends in order to produce masterpieces.

1. We start with creating hand spun yarns for rich textures and colours, the hallmarks of our production.
2. The yarns are dyed in a traditional way to achieve the abrash effect.
3. Dyed yarns are sun dried for several days before it is ready for weaving.
4. Making of yarn balls help to prevent tangling during weaving stage.
5. Weaving stage; the tools used in the weaving process are scissors, iron-rod levers, comb beater and other primitive tools.
6. Once the rug is off loom, our hand washing methods makes the rugs softer and lively.
7. The washed rug is then sun dried before final finishing and labelling.


Please specify design, size and delivery information.A member of the team will contact you by phone or email to confirm your request and discuss your individual needs.
As part of our Trade Program, we offer members of the trade professional sales terms.  If you are an Architect or an Interior Designer, please email us at info@frozenpalms.com


Please contact us and we will assist in any customization of your selected design. We can adapt the size and color scheme to your requirements and create visualizations for your approval. We’re working with several different color systems such as ARS, Pantone and Juliet, the ARS system comprises 1,400 colors for hand knotted and hand tufted carpets.


Heurlins Pl. 1, 41301 Gothenburg, Sweden
+46 708 750404